Three Tips For Breath Control For Kids During Swimming

December 14, 2015 | Author: FindURClass Editorial Team

Sports must form an important part of your kids’ routine. Swimming, in particular, is believed to be one of the best ever sports activities for kids, because it gives them overall fitness. It is also an art of survival. Therefore, it is highly recommended that kids above 5 years should get introduced to the concept of swimming. There are two major problems that children face when they start their swimming lessons – fear and breathlessness. If fear is controlled, breath control comes easily. The following tips also help kids to gain a better control of their breathing pattern while in water.

Position of the body

This is the most important tip that kids must work on, so that they are able to breathe easily while swimming. Most of the times, kids tend to lift up their back and head too high from the water, because they are afraid of swallowing water. This is where having them to practice at the end of the pool, where the waters are shallow, can come as a huge blessing. Sidestroke and breaststroke movements can be practiced here with the kids taking small laps by partly turning their head and neck muscles. Here they are also trained to take a breath in a rhythmic manner, so that they can count to themselves while doing the strokes, lift up their heads slightly, take a breath and then continue swimming again.

Holding breath

Kids, who naturally have trouble controlling their breath while swimming, can try out this technique. They need to first exhale fully and then control their breath in water for about 10 to 15 seconds. After this time lapses, they can come to the surface again and take a breath. This exercise needs to be practiced first, even before their swimming lessons start. Kids can also blow bubbles into the water, when they are submerged in water for these 15 seconds, as this will cleanse their lungs. Once kids perfect the art of controlling breath in these periodic time intervals, swimming becomes very simple for them.

Never use accessories

This is an important tip that parents and kids should follow. While it is definitely easier to learn the art of swimming with the help of a float or other devices worn around you, it is strictly recommended not to use this technique. Kids should learn to swim with their body muscles and technique and they must overcome the fear of water naturally. This will help them to be more confident in water and to control their breath patterns in a more effective way.

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