Extracurricular Activities, Hobby Classes, courses in Mumbai and Pune

About Us

" Make It, Do It, Be It "

We believe that activities and hobbies should be an integral part of growing up. We started FindURClass to make finding the RIGHT activity or hobby class easy and hassle free. So no more calling, posting or emailing friends for recommendations - just log on!


Discover new and exciting activities and hobby classes that fit your needs and hectic lifestyle


Let your child pursue that passion, enhance that skill and unlock their true potential


Encourage activities that contribute to a well rounded personality fostering both success and happiness for your child

Our standards are as high as yours

Look out for FURC curated educators, these classes have been verified for safety and security, hygiene and convenience. We know that when it comes to your kids you want to provide them with the best you can!

“ We want to untangle your overwhelmed routine with overjoyed activities. ”

Our Team

Rina Nathani Founder - CEO

Rina is the founder of FindURClass. She was earlier a Director with KPMG Advisory New York. A few years ago, she relocated back to India with the firm to help set up some of their Offshoring Practices in Gurgaon.

Like most parents, Rina believes that it is very important for kids to engage in activities and hobbies that enable them to explore, pursue a passion, improve a skill or just follow an interest. Realizing that finding the right class for her kids was extremely time-consuming and frustrating, Rina jumped off the corporate bandwagon to do something about it - with FindURClass.com

You can reach out to her at rinanathani@findurclass.com

Aakash Jethwani Co-Founder - Head of Technology

Aakash has over 4 and half years of experience running a successful company providing IT solutions to clients in the areas of web development, mobile application development, semantic search and analytics. However the passion for creating something innovative in the education space motivated him to come on board FindURClass. He has a Bachelor of Technology (BTech), Computer Science.