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BLOG | 27 - Oct - 2014
“Look Ma, I can swim!” exclaimed the 5 year old Ria! Her mom broke into a wide grin amidst their swimming lessons.  Ria was showing off her clumsy paddles across the pool & mom was proud. The joy of teaching a hobby to your kids is unparalleled. Getting the steps right and showing it off is an amazing feeling of achievement for the kids. Hobbies help the kids develop personally and professionally in their lives. Out of the different kinds of hobbies, Swimming is a skill everyone should know. It can come handy during an unexpected situation. On a lighter note, its fun and the best full body exercise for the kids. While you are teaching them how to swim, there are a few things to keep in mind. Apart from the crucial lessons in swimming, develop liking for all things aquatic and [...]
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